Professional Email Solution

Inbuilt Virus Protection | Mobility Support | Ad Free Email Solution | Sufficient Storage

Secure & Virus Free Platform for your important Emails

Sufficient Storage Capacityl

99.97% Uptime

Get your mail accessed through Mobile

User Friendly Panel

Support 24/7/365

Choose Our Best Plan

Business Email
Business Email
83/Month Per user
    10 GB
    Full mobility
Enterprise Email
Enterprise Email
117/Month Per user
    50 GB
    Full mobility

Intuitive Calendar & Address Book

Beautiful designed and delivered with the power of OpenXchange, You can also access your email on laptop, table and smartphones. Manage contacts, To-Do lists, keep track of all your meetings in one place at OpenXchange 's productivity tools.

Sync across all your devices

The real time cloud computing with Google's G suite for your business, Sync all your data, spreadsheets, presentations on the go. Any devices can be synced real time data sharing possible. With all your work, files, docs on the cloud, You 're on work whenever you want.

email sync

Don't worry! We have premium 24x7x365 support

Cantech Networks dedicated support team is right back to delivered premium technical support to smooth your business operations. We will help you to get on boarding with G-Suite, Business Email solution. Your business is our responsibility.

Technical Features Speciality

Technical Features Speciality

User Experience
User Experience

With our Professional Email Solution you will get the best experience ever. Cloud based email hosting to secure your data, maximum uptime, mobile responsive design, admin panel & many more things will assist you to make your task easy in day to day life.


We are Google Cloud Premier Partners to manage your Email solution in modern way. With G-Suite you will have amazing experience of unlimited and regularly updated features, applications which are provided by Google. Google is regularly increasing their tools in G-Suite with each update. So that you can plan your routine work with simple steps.

Spam Filters
Spam Filters

Our Anti Spam Feature will keep your mail id more optimized and keep you working without distraction. You can also analyze or mark such mail IDs as spammers in your mail box who are keep sending you mails!

Email Hosting Specifications

Business Features
G Suite Features
Cantech Features
Cost Effective Business email through Gmail Spam Filter
Virus Protection 30GB Cloud Storage(Google Drive) 24x7 Monitoring
Spam Filter Access Google Apps Inbound Filtering
Easy To Maintain One Click Mobile Integration Malware Protection
Install These Apps in One-Click
Deploy unlimited apps and experience best hosting for your website.
Cube Cart
Dolphin Pro
You are simply click Away from Launching Your Website
Host and Manage a website is available at just
Get Started
  70 /mo

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

What is Professional or Business Email Solution?
  • Your Business Email which is attached to your company domain name is called Professional or Business Email Solution. For Example your company's domain is and your email id is [email protected] is called your business email which is more trusted than simple domain.

Why we need Professional or Business Email Solution?
  • Your email id with your business name like [email protected] creates more trust and credibility with your clients or upcoming clients. Moreover, there are also many benefits like data security, user permission management, spam filters, virus protection and many more benefits are mentioned above.

What kind of Email Client Solution we need to operate our Business Email Account?
  • There are two alternate ways to perform this action. Either you can go with Google,Yahoo type of big IT giants for Business Account which lead to certain high cost per year. You can contact us for Google's G-Suite set up which we provide you at best price in the market. Or If you are a startup and heavy storage space is not needed then you can join our Email Solution plan which is starting @ just Rs. 59/- per month. For that you can use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, etc.

Is my Business Email Account Mobile Supported?
  • Of course you can access our web mail solution for your business email account with any mobile or tablet device. There are also few good applications available in play store as well as also in App Store to manage your email. You can use those apps to sync your emails with your mobile device.

How much storage space would we have with each email id?
  • Our startup plan starts with 5 GB Storage space for each email account.

How do I configure my Business Email Account ?
  • It's easy to setup your first email id with us and our technical support team will be there to guide you step by step.

What else we can do with our Business Email Account Solutions?
  • You can create many administrative activities with it like creating/ editing/ deleting user, giving certain rights/ permission to use, manage your user's storage space with it and a lot more administrative activity you can perform.

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