Why You Need Dedicated Server?

There are many options when it comes to hosting solutions, and some of them start as low cost. So why do you need a dedicated server, which can cost significantly more?

Your website has been growing. That’s great news. But the growing traffic and storage needs are starting to put a strain on your bandwidth.

If your visitors have to wait for the page to load – or worse, it doesn’t open at all for them – your business will take a hit. If you can’t load all the design elements, media, and pages you need, you’ll keep hitting up against the limitations of what your website can do.  And as your sales and reputation grow, the stakes for potential security threats loom larger.

If you want maximum performance, the fastest service, and the latest technology, there just isn’t anything better than dedicated hosting.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

When you sign up for shared hosting, your site is on a physical server with hundreds or even thousands of other websites.

There are a couple of different forms that a server can take. A business that has a strong IT department staffed with people who know how to properly manage and care for a website hosting server may own their own server and store it on their property.

A dedicated server, on the other hand, is an entire machine just for your website. No one else uses it, and all the resources are powering your site.

How Dedicated Hosting is Different from Other Options

are mainly used for higher amount of bandwidth to load heavy websites and applications. Bandwidth means the connection between the server and users. There is guarantee uptime because you have all the resources for yourself.

Dedicated hosting provides maximum performance, scalability, stability and reliability for websites receiving a high amount of traffic every day.

What is Dedicated IP Hosting?

Web hosting providers now offer add-ons to customize your hosting plan. One of our top add-ons is a dedicated IP address.

A dedicated IP address is an IP that you have sole use of. It isn’t shared with any other domain names. Your domain name and IP address are tied together. So, if you type in your IP address it will take you directly to your website.

Think of it like the address to your home. Your address is your IP address, while your home is your website.

Some styles of hosting may have a dedicated IP address included in the package, while others times you may have to add it to your order.

Why would I want a dedicated IP address?

A dedicated IP address gives you the ability to access your website at any time using the IP address. This is especially helpful if the DNS for your domain is not pointed over as you can still view and work on your website without having to wait for propagation time. This also gives the ability to edit, view, and upload files using your dedicated IP address.

Also, if something happened to a website on a shared IP address, it could affect all of the websites on that shared IP address.

Additional benefits of a dedicated IP address:

Dedicated IP addresses can help with overall website speed. When someone visits your website and your website is using a shared IP address, the server parses the request and finds the correct website to load. When someone visits your website and your website is using a dedicated IP address, the server does not have to spend time finding the right website since the dedicated IP is specific to your website, allowing for a faster load time.

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