What is Dedicated Hosting?

What is Dedicated Hosting


What if you have a website or application with a large amount of data or very high traffic? Well, you obviously would need a powerful solution to meet its specialized hosting needs so that it does not slow down or crash. This blog offers a suitable answer for such a case i.e. to have dedicated servers. It provides extensive details on ‘What Is Dedicated Hosting?’ for the same.

It covers everything from understanding dedicated hosting, how it works, who needs a dedicated hosting server, how to find the best provider, and what Cantech Networks offers. Read on to get into the intricate details to reach the conclusion about choosing the dedicated hosting features for your website or applications i.e. if this type of web hosting solution is for your website or application needs.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

What is Dedicated Web Hosting

To define dedicated hosting, it is essential first to explain who needs dedicated hosting in general. Meaning to say, when a business has cases such as below, they must consider this hosting option:

When Should I Use Dedicated Web Hosting?

  • Have high-traffic or variable-traffic websites, complex applications, or huge data storage requirements
  • Requires strict security environment and data protection
  • Have complex and high workload computational needs such as high-volume data analytics or deep learning tasks
  • Needs custom software installations
  • Have to control and configure the server resources
  • Have unique technical or server requirements
  • Requires optimum speed and performance with reliable and consistent performance
  • Huge backup storage for secure and custom recovery


A few examples of those who use Dedicated Hosting for some of the above requirements are as below:

  • Ecommerce platforms have security compliance and data protection requirements to protect sensitive information such as customer credit cards.
  • Healthcare and Finance platforms need to protect the clients’ confidential health and financial records.
  • Gaming platform with heavy performance
  • Mission-critical applications communication, railways, airlines, etc. need to maintain speed, and performance and cannot afford to suffer slowdowns or downtime.
  • Web hosting companies to form server clusters

Dedicated hosting’s crucial role becomes clear with the above scenarios and it can easily support the heavy tasks listed above.

Understanding Dedicated Hosting

So, what is dedicated hosting? The hosting type is in which one client or business rents a complete dedicated server for his website or application. That client will have full control of the server for the operating system, hardware, and software and can manage and configure everything as per his customized requirements. Thus, large enterprises, ecommerce websites, gaming servers and other mentioned complex use-cases prefer to implement the benefits of dedicated hosting in which the server’s complete power and capacity including CPU, memory, and storage can be used by that one client. All in all, you will get complete control over the speed and overall performance of his platform to control downtime even during high traffic.

How Does Dedicated Hosting Work?

An individual or business rents a dedicated hosting server to fulfill the specified needs for processing, speed, storage, and more of a single website or application without sharing the same with any other website or application. The whole server would serve the sole purpose of a single client when you get it from the best of the Dedicated Hosting providers.

You need to start by searching for an ideal provider and they will equip the dedicated server with custom server resources such as CPU power, RAM, Bandwidth, hardware, and more as per your website or application requirements to ensure the best performance. Also, the dedicated hosting provider will need to manage and update the dedicated server. They need to oversee regular installation, software updates, server performance, security patches, and routine maintenance tasks. Moreover, the task list also includes regular backups and security checks.

Additionally, you have complete control of the server resources, configurations & settings, hardware, etc. You can manage the tasks with the root or administrative access to install software, manage accounts, and more. Further, you get to use prevailing per-socket or per-core software licenses or per-virtual-machine (VM). This way you can virtualize and run multiple instances (or virtual machines) on your dedicated server. You may hire a system administrator for these tasks to ensure the technical experience for optimal server performance is met.

Dedicated Hosting Pros and Cons

Individuals and businesses looking for an ideal hosting solution for the optimal performance of their platform must learn the Dedicated Hosting pros and cons. Hence, after understanding what is dedicated hosting, check out – why to use dedicated hosting and rent an allotted server for a single platform.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting


Complete administrative or root access from the hosting service provider enables you to customize and control the server environment as per your specified requirements. You can configure settings, install the required software, select the operating system, and more to meet your website’s or application’s performance and speed requirements.


As per the change required in your dedicated server, you can scale its resources and thus ensure optimal performance. The control over the type of operating system, hardware, software, apps, etc. ensures this flexibility because the server is allotted to that single website without the need to share the same.


The dedicated access and monitoring of the CPU, RAM, storage, bandwidth, hardware, etc. for a single website or application makes the page load faster and more reliable. The high-traffic website speed excessive data or any other critical performance-oriented goals can be easily met with this one of the most essential Dedicated Hosting pros.


The single website optimizing the complete server will ensure its full security control and server configurations for the same. Also, as a dedicated hosting, there is no shared website on the server i.e. no threat to your website security. Encryption, firewalls, security updates, etc. can easily be managed and implemented as per your business or industry compliance requirements such as healthcare, ecommerce, etc.


Due to the unshared resources of your dedicated server, reliable uptime is one of the benefits of Dedicated Hosting. There is no other user on it, so Dedicated hosting providers can guarantee minimal downtime.


You can ensure speedy resolutions due to the best 24/7 support services for any technical or other server assistance from experts of the hosting providers.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers

When deciding on choosing website hosting services, you need to also consider what is Dedicated Hosting in terms of its Cons.


Due to being a single user of the server resources and resultant excessive management delivery requirements, high cost is one of the dedicated hosting cons. Thus, small businesses, startups, or other entrepreneurs with limited budgets may not be able to benefit from this type of hosting service. Also, when the resources that are meant to be for a single website are not properly utilized or managed, it proves to be relatively higher in cost.


You need technical expertise to independently manage the server resources and configuration. The tasks such as installation of required software, updates, storage, backups, server setup, security patches, monitoring, troubleshooting, compliance, etc will need expert administrators to ensure the required and optimal performance goals for the website or application. Hosting providers would manage the physical infrastructure but hardware maintenance will be your responsibility.

How Does Dedicated Hosting Differ from Other Hosting Types?

This section is all about – what is Dedicated hosting in comparison to other hosting services. The above section on Dedicated Hosting Pros and Cons makes it quite clear how it ensures the best performance with complete control and security. At the same time, it is also costly and requires technical expertise. However, in comparison to others, it does not need to share server resources like VPS hosting or shared hosting. Also, it defeats cloud hosting in terms of the performance of high-traffic applications. Read on to see the dedicated hosting features with others.

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Feature Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting
Resource Sharing A single server has multiple websites in shared hosting. It has a dedicated server for a single website.
Cost Small businesses or websites can highly afford this type. It is expensive due to extensive server resources for a single platform.
Control Settings and configuration control become limited due to shared server. It offers the entire control over installations, OS, hardware, settings, configuration, and resources of the server.
Security A shared environment can result in the threat of security breaches. Security and compliance are at its best as there is no other website or application on the server

VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Feature VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting
Resource Allocation It is to divide one physical server into more than one virtualized server. Resources are shared but every virtual environment has its own allocated resources. The hypervisor is the software layer that creates, manages, and allocates these resources.

It can be easily scaled for additional resources.

It provides an allotted server dedicated to a single user. All the resources are allocated to this single user.

Also, additional drives can be added for scalability but it can be costly and time-consuming.

Performance VPS hosting is better than shared hosting as each virtual environment has no interference from others, but the resources are still shared. With exclusive access to the complete physical system, it has the best performance.
Cost Its cost is more than shared hosting. However, it is less than dedicated hosting. However, you can pay as per your resource requirements. Dedicated Hosting Service cost is high as it offers full control of the resources for a single website.
Control You have restricted control over installation as the server is shared. It is secure but with limited custom compliance. You can control and customize the complete server. It is completely secure.

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Feature Cloud Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Resource Utilization It is a type of hosting in which the resources are shared in a virtualized environment that is managed by the cloud hosting provider. The complete physical server resources are dedicated to a single user.
Control It has limited control compared to dedicated hosting but still, it is customizable to the limit provided by the hosting provider. It offers extensive customization and control of hardware, software, settings, and configurations of the complete server.
Security Due to the shared environment, it may impose certain risks. It is completely secure due to the dedicated environment for a single user.
Performance It is possible to optimize and scale as per the workload and variable demands. It offers high and consistent performance – best suitable for I/O-intensive applications.
Cost It is cost-effective as you pay as per your use of resources. It is costly due to the dedicated resource allocation of the entire server for one user.

What to Consider When Evaluating Dedicated Hosting Providers?

Once you have decided upon using the benefits of Dedicated Hosting, it is then essential that you opt for an ideal dedicated hosting provider. You must consider at least the below factors when choosing one:


The performance of your website or application is very much dependent on the provider that you choose. It must support your traffic and resource requirements. Also, you need to make sure that they have a good track record and ensure 99.9% guaranteed uptime. You may check their performance metrics and uptime statistics on the website. Also, they should be capable of handling and resolving reasonably happening downtime and its issues.


Quick and reliable support service for any server or technical issues must be available 24/7 through multiple channels. They must be reliable and responsive in their support services.


A dedicated hosting provider must offer robust security measures. You need to check for firewalls, malware detection, and other data and website protection settings and management.


It is important that you have complete control and can customize the hardware, software, server configurations, settings, and more. Also, the provider that you choose has enough resources to enable scalability. Thus, it must have the capability to allow you to upgrade its resources as your demand grows.


The provider must have the option that you choose for your server management. That is, if you want them to manage your server then accordingly they must have adequate capabilities and expertise for the same. This option is beneficial if you do not have the technical expertise for your server management and maintenance. Also, they must allow you if you need to manage your server on your own.


Among various comparisons comes the costs of Dedicated Hosting services offered by different providers’ plans. The right comparison would consider flexible pricing plans along with the value and scalability that they provide through the features, resources, support, performance, and additional services such as backup and recovery services, load balancing, content delivery networks (CDNs), etc. You need to make sure your needs for a dedicated hosting server are met at the right price and you are not paying wrongfully for regular downtimes, slow services, and unmet SLAs. In contrast, it may be worth it if the provider is reliable and you need not have to worry about anything.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

The dedicated hosting provider’s SLAs should be convincing and easy to understand. It should show the commitment to the best quality of their services. Also, it needs to include a reasonable credit schedule as per the service dimensions. SLAs show if the provider is reliable and trustworthy.


What do the community and the users tell? You must understand what is a dedicated hosting provider’s credibility through the other user reviews. Also, you must ensure that your requirements are fulfilled promptly, you can have this idea by contacting the sales team. It will show if they are responsive and reliable.

Why choose Cantech for dedicated hosting?

After understanding what is dedicated hosting, its pros & cons, and its comparison with other hosting types, it must be clear that dedicated hosting is all about the best performance, security, scalability, and control. Well, Cantech can offer you all these possible benefits of dedicated hosting with our advanced infrastructure as one of the best dedicated hosting service providers in India.

Complete Control

The complete server is dedicated to you with no virtualization layers with Cantech’s dedicated hosting. Complete control over the resources ensures maximum performance and reliability. We offer all major control panel options such as Plesk, cPanel, Webuzo, Proxmox, and Virtualizor for easy server management. Also, you get complete root access and bare metal servers, and you can fulfill your server needs by making custom configurations through our technical support team.


We offer various storage options such as NVMe storage drives and enterprise SSD drives. Also, they are configured with RAID which means it ensures data protection and prevents data loss. Further, it can be easily accessed and securely stored using ‘Mirroring’ i.e. storage on two different drives.

Best Security

Our dedicated servers are equipped with the best security measures including DDoS protection, bulk IP resource management, and more. It maintains the heavy traffic of your website while protecting the website, applications, and the complete network from malicious attacks.

Affordable Pricing

Our costs of Dedicated Hosting services are flexible and affordable. We offer custom plans as per your needs starting from around  ₹ 5,800.
Moreover, Cantech offers 24/7 Technical Support with hardware and network monitoring with immediate resolutions and uninterrupted server performance. We operate from world-class Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers.


So, what is dedicated hosting in summary? Well, when you invest in this type of hosting it gives complete control with a dedicated server and offers all required resources to withstand the traffic and workload demand of your website or application. Thus, it offers the best performance and user satisfaction.

Moreover, reliable and optimal performance is only possible when you have an ideal dedicated hosting provider. Also, you need to check them for their uptime guarantees, customer support, server resources, configurations, and other factors discussed in this blog. Cantech covers all the aspects and offers cost-effective custom solutions as per your business server requirement. Get in touch with us to discuss your customized plan today!


Is dedicated hosting expensive?

In comparison to other hosting types such as shared or VPS, the Dedicated Hosting service cost is higher. Its features and resources are advanced and a single user gets the dedicated server. So, how much does dedicated hosting cost? Well, the pricing depends on the providers and plans that you choose as per your budget and server requirements. Thus, it is not always expensive but meets your customized needs.

Can I upgrade from shared hosting to dedicated hosting?

You can easily upgrade to dedicated hosting by transferring the files, databases, and configurations. Your hosting provider can provide technical assistance for the same.

Who Can Use Dedicated Hosting?

With the full control, customization, reliability, performance, and other benefits of dedicated hosting, it is highly suitable for websites with high traffic, requiring optimal performance, specialized configurations, and security measures.

Is dedicated hosting good?

Dedicated hosting pros offer a reliable, secure, and scalable solution for websites requiring high performance and advanced customization options for the same. It is suitable to meet the essential hosting needs of the businesses.

How Do I Know if Dedicated Hosting Is Right for Me?

If you have optimized your website or application but still your current hosting plan is not meeting your performance requirements, then you must consider upgrading. Also, if you need specialized security or upgraded bandwidth, storage, and server control, dedicated hosting may be the right choice for you.

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