Why you must experience Magento Cluster at least once in your lifetime

Auto-Scalable Magento Cluster

Magento is outstanding amongst other eCommerce CMS systems accessible today. In view of various IT-innovations, it has an adaptable particular design and a lithe ecosystem that can be consistently adjusted, altered, and stretched out for an e-commerce website, benefiting from an enormous assortment of inserted highlights like data catalog management, advertising tools, analytics, SEO engine optimization, reporting, and so forth choosing the correct platform is the main initial step.

Magento Cluster

This auto-scalable Magento Cluster solution has the default structure as appeared in the plan underneath.

Magento, PHP based eCommerce stage, is bundled as a serious profoundly solid and auto-scalable cluster on head of confirmed Cantech Cloud dockerized stack layouts with the accompanying topology:

    Varnish load balancer is supplemented with NGINX server as HTTPS proxy

–    Scalable NGINX PHP application servers with preconfigured automatic horizontal  scaling to handle load spikes

–     MySQL DB Cluster with asynchronous master-slave replication to ensure high availability, fault tolerance, and data security

–    Redis Sessions node to retain user session parameters

–    Redis Cache node for content cache storing

–    Elastic Data Storage node for media files

Herewith, every container inside a cluster receives the default vertical scaling limit up to 8 cloudlets (equal to 1 GB of RAM and 3.2 GHz of CPU) and a set of load alerts (to advise you when the asset utilization is near the cutoff).

Additionally, it’s significant that when you scale either the Load Balancer or the Application Server layer, the proper arrangements are automatically adjusted to remember the data for all application server nodes the load ought to be distributed over. Moreover, the application server layer is automatically scaled by the system dependent on the measure of incoming traffic so as to deal with the inconsistent load.

By implementing Cantech Cloud at the load balancer level, we give all of your web servers the ability to benefit from a single shared cache, which improves warm-up time and reduces server loads by eliminating the need for duplicate efforts to load your website’s cache.

Cantech Cloud also utilizes “Edge Side Includes” technology, which punches holes in pages where information changes from visitor to visitor.

Simple hourly billing makes Cantech Cloud a very competitive SaaS platform in India. With auto vertical and horizontal scaling, Cantech Cloud provides cutting edge computing. 

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