The importance of saving cloud billing during COVID-19 outbreak

Presently, due to covid – 19 outbreak countries’ economy goes down day by day. In this tough situation people’s savings are broken. Billing is broken down by costs of each project and resource, so users can gain a better understanding of areas worth saving.

Cantech cloud is based on Jelastic cloud. You can deploy your application instantly on our fully redundant, high-performing and auto-scalable Cloud platform as-a-service. Choose the required service and install different software stacks in just few clicks.

What is Jelastic?

Jelastic is quick, easy to understand, savvy, and adaptable. Also, the equivalent goes for the applications made in the commercial center.

Jelastic cloud bundles are amazingly simple to design, and introducing an application just takes a couple of snaps. At the point when the site is prepared, your application and database server codes pop up on the screen automatically.

Jelastic sets up application and information base server as PaaS examples, which is very helpful for resulting customization.

What is AWS (Amazon Web Service)?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) calls its marketplace EC2. The AWS EC2 features a selection of third-party applications.

The AWS user interface has a huge range of functions, and there was quite a lot of manual configuring to do.

The installation process took approximately twice as long as with Jelastic.

Why Cantech Cloud?

  • Cantech Cloud Environment:

Cantech Cloud groups your application containers into environments. This is just a collection of containers (servers) all devoted to serving the same application(s) or website(s); Cantech Cloud automatically configures links between these servers on your behalf (for example, if you have a load balancer, it’s automatically configured to send traffic to the web servers within the same environment).

Each server within your Cantech Cloud environment is dedicated 100% to you – you don’t share with any other customer – meaning that you always enjoy maximum performance, flexibility, and security.

  • Cantech Cloud help to migrate your application:

Our expert migration team can migrate any number of websites or web applications to your new Cantech Cloud PaaS account with a minimum charge. We’re available 24×7 to help with any questions or problems you may have during the process.

Simply contact our support team after signing up for our Cantech Cloud PaaS and they’ll help you get started!

  • Cantech Cloud helps you to host multiple domains:

Cantech Cloud is intended for large single domain hosting inside each environment, however it is possible to host multiple domains by creating multiple separate environments, or inside a single environment by configuring virtual hosts in your web server configuration. Our friendly support team can help you to set this up.

If you are planning to host a large number of small domains on a single environment we recommend our Cloud VPS range as a more appropriate solution, which is designed to efficiently support multiple-domains on one server.

  • Cantech Cloud is secure.

Cantech Cloud uses secure containers so that you do not have the management headache of kernel, patches, updates. We secure your container ports by default and provide you an easy to use web based firewall. Your account can be protected via additional Two-Factor Authentication.

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