Why a Reliable Hosting is important for your Freelancing Career?

Have you got the spark in you, that you just want to indicate the world?

The zest of a freelancing career needs a lot of dedication, hard work, and patience. Before starting any freelancing work, you wish to first do plenty of research and planning of your industry. You would like to pour your heart and soul into the diligence to begin a freelancing job. You continuously have to upgrade your skills to match the running industry. After doing all the research, finally, you can decide to take it in front of the world.

 So, to get started, you may definitely need a website where you may be ready to portray your work, services, projects, experiences, skills, and capabilities, counting on which individuals will start to note you.

You might think, why do I would like a website after I am going to be working as a freelancer? Well, then let me tell you, that as a freelancer you wish to remain before individuals all the time so they will recognize you and can come to you. the simplest to induce visibility to an outsized audience is by having a website and sharing your inputs on that.

On the website, you’ll be able to easily show your experience, work, or testimonials to determine a powerful rapport with the audience.

1) Website makes you visible

Suppose if some determine your work exceptionally amazing and want to reach out to you immediately. If the person doesn’t know you personally, the first he will do is search online. But, what if he’s unable to seek out any details on the internet? The person won’t be ready to reach out to you, resulting, you would possibly lose valuable work. Also, the person can get other options online and he will approach them. On the other hand, if you have got a website, then a project owner will immediately reach resolute you and you’ll have a new project to figure on.

2) The website builds your brand – 

When you own a website, you’ve got your own domain name with the preferred extension like .com, .in, .org, etc. you’ll register a Domain name by your original brand name that you just wish to use everywhere. Thus, whenever you begin a freelancing business, make sure, first, you register a domain name, because getting a preferred domain depends on its availability. So, check the domain availability and choose the one before it’s gone.

3) The website brings people close

When your work gets recognition, it starts getting circulated globally. People from long distances may prefer to work with you. If you do not have a detailed website, it becomes difficult for them to connect with them. Instead, if you have a website anyone can contact you and the discussion can be taken forward. This reduces the gap between you and clients and brings your work closer.

Problems likely faced by freelancer’s are:

We understand as a freelancer you will not prefer to handle any technical problems because you’re all busy together with your primary work. Thus, selecting the best web hosting company gets important which will handle all of your technical issues like:

1) Technical Support

Technical support is that the most significant factor to manage a website. As a freelancer, you will not get much time to wait on a long holding duration to get connect to the technical support team and also cannot afford any problem with the website. So, before finalizing a web hosting provider ensure that they provide 24/7 technical support, take a look at their customer service reviews, and reach out to them before place an order.

2) Downtime

The downtime of a website may be a bad nightmare for a freelancer. Whenever a visitor arrives at a site, your website must serve its purpose. If the visitor isn’t ready to reach you, it ultimately defines that you just are losing the potential revenue. So, while choosing a web hosting provider look if you’re gaining access to at least 99.9% uptime, anything above it’s always good. Additionally, learn how and after what proportion time the team provides you support once the complaint gets registered.

3) Website Security

Due to increasing digital use, cyber­attacks have also increased drastically. Thus, web security is taken into account as a vital aspect of web hosting. Many times, freelancers don’t seem to be responsive to how and why their website isn’t performing well, this might be a reason for malicious activity. This could happen unknowingly also, like linking to other corrupted websites or hosting websites at an infected server. The DDoS attack is incredibly abrupt and might happen anytime affecting the website, such vulnerabilities can attack your website at any time with no warning. Thus, technical support is required for a website.

Selecting a web hosting for freelancing :

Freelancing is an art instead of a run-of-the-mill work. It requires daily brainstorming, creativity, and concepts that vary for each project. When you put up so much hard work in your freelancing then how could you possibly end up choosing the wrong web hosting company? There are many hosting providers, but to pick out the best you must gather information about them. Take feedbacks from friends, or read reviews online before selecting the one.

Cantech Networks is the Best Web Hosting Providers in India. I have my own experience with them. Cantech offers free weekly offsite backup for your shared web hosting plans so in case of your website is compromised or data lose they are providing free backup restore which I believe none of the providers do. Also, they providing 24/7/365 technical support that others not do.

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