You have to Know about cPanel extreme price HIKE

cPanel has shaken the web hosting community with its recent price rise announcement. They have changed its pricing model from a per server pricing to a per account model.
So if you’re a cPanel customer and were paying $15 per cPanel license for each virtual server or cloud and running 1,000 websites, you’ll now have to pay $225. That’s approximately 1000% price rise!

According to cPanel’s new pricing, here’s the breakup for 1000 websites:
1. $45 for 100 accounts
2. $0.2 each for 900 accounts


Buzz about cPanel

The hosting community is buzzing with the latest news that cPanel has rolled-out a massive increase in pricing. But what does this mean for your hosting accounts moving forward and how will it affect your business? Many were shocked to learn the truth after cPanel increases pricing for customers have been enjoying low pricing for over 2 decades. The change comes in light of evolving technology in Internet and Tech and so with better quality server hardware comes more expense.

Recently Oakley Capital, the owners of the alternative Plesk control panel system, purchased cPanel and in a shock announcement to the industry last week changed their pricing model from ‘per server’ to ‘per user’ with “immediate effect”. This has put the entire reseller industry in turmoil, as has been seen over Twitter and Industry discussion forums.

cPanel Pricing Earlier:

Latest cPanel Pricing:

What does the new pricing look like?

To explain what the new pricing looks like for hosting providers and even white-label or Reseller Hosting customers we will use some hypothetical numbers to explain.

A hosting providers that is a cPanel partner, which roughly means they maintain their own servers whereas you rent server space from your host, the new pricing would look like this:

Currently, the price offered by cPanel for a VPS license is $20 per month for up to 5 accounts on the server. For accounts between 5 to 30, the price is $30 for a month and for accounts between 30 and 100 accounts, the price is $45 per month. If you need more than 100 accounts then the price for every account after that would be $0.20 per month.

Major Impacts of price Rise in cPanel Rates

cPanel is one of the world’s most popular hosting control panels and its WebHost Manager (WHM) component allows web hosts to resell cPanel to their clients through a seamless and feature-rich interface. cPanel really is the solution of choice for resellers around the world.

The lightning price hike of cPanel rates have shaken the whole web hosting community including webhosts and the users. cPanel is undoubtedly an important component to be used for web hosting solutions. With its latest upgrades, it has become more user friendly and added with enhanced features.

This will impact on current shared, multi-domain, reseller hosting, VPS, Dedicated server with cPanel pricing. Now hosting providers would charge per cPanel accounts which will impact all users.

cPanel Alternatives

With this unexpected change, people have already started finding alternatives. Some of them are:
1. Plesk
2. DirectAdmin
3. InterWorx
4. Virtualmin/ Webmin
5. VestaCP
6. CentOs Web Panel

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