What is Linux Reseller Hosting? Here is some Basics about Linux Reseller Hosting

What is Linux Reseller Hosting?

Reseller web hosting is an option that involves one company (a hosting provider) renting hard drive space and bandwidth to another company (small-mid size business), who then rents the space to third parties (entrepreneurs-small business).

Reseller hosting is doing extremely well in the current hosting business environment, especially Linux reseller hosting. It is in high demand because it is user friendly, cheaper than any other platforms, very flexible, compatible with latest technologies, provides many free to use add-ons and has a wide community of Linux users to support you in any critical situation. If you want to start your own web hosting business, going for a Linux reseller hosting account is the best way to test the water at an affordable cost.

Who needs Linux Reseller Hosting?

If you have a lot of websites or want to provide hosting services to a number of your clients, but don’t have any technical knowledge, then Linux reseller hosting is the perfect solution for you. We provide a team of technically savvy professionals that will support your servers 24*7*365.

Apart from this, Linux reseller hosting is needed if your website is developed in Linux based applications and tools. Compatibility will speed up your server’s functionality. Also, top notch languages & web technologies support Linux hosting, like; PHP, MySQL, Python, and XML.

Complete control through cPanel

Each of our Linux reseller hosting plans includes a magical control panel called cPanel. This easy to use cPanel is really miraculous, as it controls your hosting features, facilities, services and other resources. Below is a list of features that cPanel provides

  • You can easily navigate through detailed information of each and every service, facility and add-on feature through this cPanel.
  • This will tell you about the HTML version your website is using, how many email accounts, sub domains, parked domains, add-on domains, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases that are available and how many of them are being used.
  • You can add, edit and manage all these things from a single panel.
  • There are innumerable things you can do with your Linux reseller hosting account by using this control panel. You get a real control over your website and server

Features of  Linux Hosting Reseller 

Cantech Networks offers you a fully featured Linux reseller hosting plan that features:

  • Hosting setup at no cost
  • No recurring charges
  • No hidden charges
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime with the most stable web servers
  • Strong security for your web servers and ultimately to your online business
  • Complete range of services available with every reseller plan
  • Free installation of third party software and tools
  • Complete server maintenance throughout the year
  • 24×7×365 support team