What is Instamojo and Why Instamojo?

What is Instamojo:

Instamojo is a awesome payment gateway with ZERO setup fee. we have recently started using Instamojo, 1st thing that made we sign up with Instamojo is Easy to start. You don’t need tons of documents to enable the payment gateway; you don’t need to be a techie to implement/integrate the payment gateway with your site.  Low transaction fee, no setup fee, no other bla bla fee.

Here are few key features:

  1. Zero setup fees
  2. Easy To Sell Your Digital Business. (eBook – PdF ..etc)
  3. Great customer support, but sometimes it takes little time
  4. You can accept payment directly through unique link
  5. Sells Stats
  6. You can create as many products link you wanted to
  7. You will get paid directly to your bank account within few working days
  8. Simple interface
  9. You will get 500 RS bonus for just sign up but yes you will get paid that amount when you will get at least one sell.

Why Instamojo?

When an individual wanted to test his products/service in the market without spending time on setting up a company, there are many limitations in India. However, Instamojo solved 70% of this problem. So far, so good. Instamojo is one of the finest way to get paid online, there are many things you can do with their service, best thing is that you don’t need to pay any money to get started with it, that is why they have grown so quickly we can remember when we have started with working with them, only few knew about this company but today most of internet marketers are using their service including us.

Customer Support of Instamojo

Of course they got awesome customer support team, because we always sent them mail when we face problem and most of time we got very good response.

Instamojo Alexa ranking:-

Alexa rank of Instamojo is 9,868(Global), 790(India). After looking at the Alexa ranking you can imagine within this short period of time, Instamojo got very good rank, we hope it will grow more. Instamojo total sellers by Wikipedia- they have provided the data that Instamojo having more than million of sellers and it is still growing.

The best things about Instamojo :-

  1. Zero Hassle, Zero Issue – actually you can start selling in 15 minutes.
  2. Sale Revenue comes automatically in your bank account after 2–3 days.
  3. Cool dashboard & provides direct option of chatting with customer in case of any issue.

How Cantech Networks is getting benefits of Instamojo Gateway ?

  1. Provide free payment gateway solution to our web hosting reseller clients.
  2. Cantech Networks is long term associate partner with Instamojo our clients get faster possible signup, On boarding and Go live.