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Cantech Networks is providing essential security services to our Clients. We are providing Malware safeguard, Firewall protection, SSL Certificate, DDoS Prevention, and Backup process services to our valuable clients. 

Cyber Security is the arrangement of measures to ensure data organizations, applications, and gadgets from unapproved access by outsiders that is loaded with so much dangers as information robbery, phishing, seizing, vindictive sidetracks, and so forth., just as to be certain that your data framework is completely and accurately working.

Why Cyber security is important?

  • Stealing your client base, their funds, and resources
  • Infecting visitors’ computers with malevolent software
  • Posting unapproved ads on the site
  • Selling admittance to the site’s control board
  • Arranging phishing mailings, and so on.

Server (hosting) security:

Hacking can likewise occur due to Hosting provider’s fall flat. However, today, this is a serious uncommon circumstance among enormous hosters, so we suggest utilizing their administrations instead of those that little obscure providers offer.

Frequently, the expense of hosting is now remembered for the cost of the web builder plan, and you don’t have to arrange it independently.

SSL certificate and HTTPS:

An SSL certificate is a way of protecting users’ personal information (accounts login information and passwords, credit card data, email addresses, etc.)on the Web.

  • HTTPSOn the off chance that you aren’t driving a protected connections, you are squandering your speculation, however you  are leaving your customers open to wholesale fraud and the organization open to information break.
  • Restore early A lot of companies had a startling blackout because of a terminated SSL. You can reestablish an endorsement as long as 32 days ahead of schedule and turn over any extra time.
  • Proactively deal with your Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Regardless of whether you’re utilizing Excel and CT logs or a home-grown system, you can’t let your Digital Certificates escape everyone’s notice. There are various devices out there to help with the executives and even empower computerization. Contact your PGM for data on what you can offer.
  • Keep up an encryption strategy To guarantee all networks are made sure about, both public and private networks ought to be encoded with in any event  256-cycle encryption.
  • Get EV SSL While the significant browsers are done showing the company name in the header bar, an EV certificate actually gives data to guarantee personality. Numerous browsers and phishing scanners utilize the EV data to Validate site notoriety.
  • Utilize another CSR with each SSL renewalThings change, and a server environment is the same. A new CSR implies another private key, and potentially a superior piece length.


  • Keep your customers educated regarding new threatsMalware, ransomware, phishing schemes and viruses are evolving ordinary. Ensure your customers realize what to search for and how to secure themselves.
  • Train your clients to identify Phishing attacksShare videos, hold training sessions, run phishing simulations to see where you can center or improve your user training offerings.
  • Encourage clients to share informationUrge end clients to share found blunders and potential phishing tricks. The noisy wheel gets the oil. Issues currently are weaknesses later.

Website Security:              

  • DDoS attacks deny access to clients attempting to visit a particular site. Basically, the hacker uses spoof IP delivers to overload server with traffic. This basically takes the site disconnected.
  • Malwares and viruses are frequently used to get private information or use server resources. Criminals likewise use malware to bring in cash with affiliate links by hacking your website permission. With malware, both you and your website visitors are at risk.
  • Setup a Web Application FirewallWhen you have the site secure, keep it that way. Cloud and managed firewalls are favored as they are persistently updated without the need of end users to perform it.
  • Employ a SIEM and SOC team To cope, update, and remediate threats before and after they attack.
  • Find and fix vulnerabilities Each web application has the potential for vulnerabilities. Regularly sweep and report on your website documents and applications.


One of the finest ways to protect your business against data loss is by taking regular back-ups.When you have reinforcements of your key records safely put away, you can rapidly recoup them all regardless of whether there is a cyber attack.

  • Use a backup service such as CodeGuard , which does the work for you at best price
  • Use a web host that includes backups in its plans, As Cantech Networks some hosts have backup software built-in, or available as add-ons.

Best Practices:

  • Update and patch applicationsUpdates quite often remember security for them. Shutting hacking escape clauses and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It was an obsolete firewall that permitted the Capital One penetrate this year.
  • Beware of public or open internet connections  In case you’re working in a mutual space like a cafe – they won’t be secure!
  • Make Your Passwords UntraceableMake, update, and keep up a solid secret key approach. Furthermore, use multifaceted validation.
  • Educate clients to beware WIFI spoofing and unsecured WIFI networksJust use WIFI that is secure, and you know and trust.

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