Is Shared Hosting Good For E-commerce?

Are You planning to start your Online Journey or already have a website? Choosing the appropriate hosting and a genuine hosting provider is not everyone’s Cup of tea.

The Website that isn’t working correctly or which is down very often is nonetheless a nightmare. So picking a genuine Service Provider that keeps your site UP and working smoothly is a crucial task. 

Let’s Jump up to Shared Hosting First.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting Is a Hosting Platform, Where a Number of Sites are Hosted on a single Physical server. The server resources of the single Server are Shared Among different sites And you will never know with whom you are sharing your Server Resources. As Every Coin Has Two Sides. Shared Hosting has its Pros and Cons. On the positive side, as you have to share the resources with others it is the most economical option. And on the Con side, You can only use limited server resources and will not have Root Access. 

Quick Tip : As You are going with Shared Hosting do not forget to add other security features.

What Makes Shared Hosting An Ideal Option For E-commerce Websites?

Fair Pricing

In the early stages of any E-commerce business, For everyone cost-saving can be a top priority. Although Shared Hosting is the most economical option available for Hosting. By saving on hosting, you can invest in your resources where you can maximize your business’s potential.


Security is a very important aspect regardless of any field. However, it can be more of a concern for E-commerce websites due to the high volume of confidential information they store.

In addition, by providing a Free SSL Certificate for Shared Hosting and 24/7 Technical Support, Cantech India offers many other security features that are critical for your E-commerce site’s security.

Easily Self-Managed or user-friendly

Shared hosting is known for its user-friendliness. Shared Hosting providers often offer control panels and The Most User-friendly Interface so one can work easily even without technical knowledge. 

Enhanced Performance 

The performance of the website is highly influenced by the choice of Hosting Provider and plans. Therefore choosing The Most Reliable Hosting Provider is a daunting task. However choose the provider which offers 24/7 monitoring, increased page load speed, and higher uptime to ensure your website’s appropriate performance.

Is Shared Hosting Good for E-commerce (Pros & Cons)?

The Advantage of Shared Hosting has some limitations too.

Limited Resources

As the server resources of the server are shared among multiple sites. It is inevitable that every site ends up with a limited amount of resources. A high load on your website may eventually lead to downtime due to limited resources.

Size of Business

However, if your website traffic is Huge and you would like to expand your business to a much larger scale. The suggestion would be, to use a Dedicated Server. Due to the fact that a Dedicated Server has no shared resources, it is able to handle high website loads better than Shared Hosting.    

Which hosting is best for an e-commerce site?

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a very ideal option for any size of E-commerce business and as it has a pay-as-you-go model it also makes Cloud Hosting cheaper. There is no cheaper and greater option available other than Cantech Networks. 

Dedicated Hosting

As the name implies, the server is exclusively dedicated to one user. No matter how much traffic your website has, a Dedicated Server is there for your rescue. Therefore Dedicated Servers are the best option for large and very large online E-commerce businesses.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting uses the virtualization technique. The Advantage will be Your Resources will be shared but it will not impact your business with that you will also get a higher amount of Speed.
VPS Hosting is an ideal option for those who wish to start their new online business at very cheap rates and with a high amount of speed.


Shared Hosting tends to be more on the Profitable side because it offers reliability, Optimum Performance, and Security with decent pricing. A quick tip is to choose a hosting plan that fits the needs of your business for better performance. What are your thoughts about Shared Hosting? Do Share with us. 

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