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What’s A Domain?


And your online business needs one. Just make sure it:

  • Fits your business or products
  • Is easy to spell and remember



It changes [email protected] to [email protected] Plus, it:

  • Promotes your website with every message
  • Makes customers 9x more likely to choose your business
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Advanced domain control made easy

Explore all the features which you will get free with your Domain Name

  • Exclusive Extension
  • 100% Uptime
  • Cashback
monitoring 24/7/365

With Exclusive Extension you will not lose a single day of your renewal!

In most of cases with other service provider, when you transfer your domain to them you new renewal starts with transfer date. But with us your renewal date will be remained same with our free extension services.

For example, if your Domain name is expiring on 1st January 2020 and you are transferring your domain to our platform at 15th December 2019 then after completion of transfer your new renewal date will be remained same which would be 1st January 2021.

monitoring 24/7/365

You will get 100% Uptime During the Transfer!

Usually when you transfer your domain it may have a chance to lose some settings like DNS Records, NS Records, etc.

But with our special attention and support from our technical team your all the settings will be remained same after the transfer. So that you and your website visitors would not face any trouble and enjoy smooth surfing during the transfer process.

monitoring 24/7/365

You may get Cashback

In case your Domain transfer failed or cancelled due to any reason you don't need to get worried about anything. We will instantly transfer the amount to your customer account with credit balance such amount you have paid to us for the transfer process.

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

What is Domain Transfer?
  • If you have multiple domains on multiple platforms like Cantech, GoDaddy, HostGator, Hosting Raja, etc. and you wanted to manage them on a single platform. So that you have to transfer them in one single place to manage them. It is called Domain Transfer.

Why should we do Domain Transfer?
  • Domain Transfer is useful to less your efforts in managing your multiple Domain and also for your clients. You don't have to remember multiple user accounts and passwords and login to various places. Whether you want to change DNS Records or NS Records or Managing Renewals - You can perform every task with a single click.

When should we perform Domain Transfer?
  • Timing is very much important in Domain Transfer Process. If your Domain is expired with your registrar then don't perform Domain Transfer Activity until you renewed with them and after passing 45 Days of renewal you can perform Domain Transfer process. Waiting for the 45 Days is very much important because if you don't do so, then renewal fees which you have paid to your old registrar may get lapsed!

Which is ideal Domain Name?
  • It's all related to your business and services. Ideally, we recommend same domain name as your business name. We can also serve you to find out if you are finding it taken by someone.

What type of Criteria required for Domain Transfer Process?
  • According to the rules and regulations of ICANN and Registry, Those types of Domains which have been registered or transferred within the last 60 Days are not eligible for Domain Transfer Process.