5 Benefits of the Managed Hosting Services that may change your perspective

If you are running an online enterprise you should consider Proactive server management, I tell the usual perspectives of the business owner or a developer thinks they can handle the server management tasks at their own, But I tell you as per my experience since last few years in the web hosting industry, There should be someone dedicated to looking into administration and troubleshooting tasks. Because as your business grows you will need to focus more on your core offering or product, You need a solid server administration partner that looks at all your tech queries and fixup in the minimum timeframes. Day by day you might have a complex workflow and you might forget about the routine server audits, security checks, log checkups and probably you will be hit by a disaster because of the lack of time. If you have a dedicated server management team who keep working on these tasks for you and periodically guide you and update you with the recommendations your half tasks will be eliminated. Server management for businesses is not that easy. What if when your customer database wipes out overnight and you’ve got no backups at your disposal?

There will be a variety of server-­related problems during your entrepreneurial journey. If you lack server management skills, you’ll be able to always on board a team that provides server management services. Your server manager will take care of everything in order that your business operations flow flawlessly. To further assist you during this regard, you’ll go for anybody of the subsequent options:

1. Choose Managed Servers

One of the great benefits is that if you choose managed servers then your web hosting service provider like Cantech India shall perform all the tasks on your server environment as per their service level agreements. From scratch they make your server for hosting ready, Install various software, IP address management, Operating system-level management, various permissions, ACL management, Backup administration, Anti-Virus configuration, and logs monitoring everything they do for you. 

2. Outsource IT Support 

Outsourcing IT support to remote managed hosting services providers, It’s a very common practice that everyone follows since the early ‘90s. Also, this trend continues to dominate the industry. But the cost of getting remote managed server management is expensive than the fully managed server hosting from the web hosting provider, the Web hosting provider has full control over their Hardware, Network, and tech team so they can resolve the issues very quickly whereas your third-party remote server administrators have the limited access to the hardware, network they only work on the software level and bug fixing. Sometimes they do reactive tasks so it may harm the business.

Managed Hosting: An Ideal Alternative to Server Management

Let‘s understand the 5 benefits of choosing the Managed Hosting service provider, It’s always peaceful and beneficial when you work with small, medium, and large-sized projects. 

1). Web Hosting Experienced Administrators:

There is no need for a server in-house administration. Your fully managed server provider can conveniently handle everything associated with server management, like launching a server or an app with some clicks to save lots of you your precious time. Managed web hosting like Cantech India must have years of experienced server administrators who know how to set up the server and fixing up the usual errors or bugs, Which can save your time and money.

Data protection could be a top priority, which is why your managed hosting service provider will run:

  • Virus Scanning
  • Software Firewall Configuration
  • Spam Filtering
  • Updates of OS
  • Running Audits for Security & more

Thus allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind, while your Managed Hosting provider ensures they need a favorable position concerning the protection of your servers. As a matter of fact, they’ll identify and protect you from cyber-­attacks even before the event occurs.

2). No more technical complications:

When you choose fully managed hosting for your VPS or Bare metal dedicated server there are no more technical complications left behind because your hosting provider knows how to manage it and handle the server environment at its best. They have detailed checklists for the server installation, security hardening process, what things to allow on the server – network, and things to deny on the network so absolutely there are no complications. 

3). Lower Costs:

Amidst managed hosting, you would not need to hire database admins, system admins, or other IT teams for server management. System administrators can charge you thousands of dollars. They formulate lengthy scripts to deploy web servers. Managed providers, on the opposite hand, can do all the processes and facilitate you with controlling them from Graphical interface (GUI), saving your valuable time and money which you’ll be able to invest in building and sustaining the customer relationship.



4). Dedicated Support all Time:

A reliable managed hosting service provider like Cantech India offers dedicated support to you 24/7. They’re available for your queries and concerns via different modes like live chat, support tickets, or quick calls. Their support staff is well-­trained to resolve server glitches. They assist in preventing minor issues before they become major issues, Cantech Networks has a relationship – account manager who is a dedicated person for all your queries and he is the middle man between customer and technical team to resolve the customer queries on priority. one of the most effective benefits of managed hosting.

5). Backups:

Managed hosting helps you secure your data with automatic and timely backups. With unmanaged hosting, you won’t be able to backup data efficiently, and at some point, you may lose your data. To refrain from it, you would like to manage and take necessary measures to forestall data loss, something which a managed hosting provider can do with ease.

Cantech Networks is a Fully managed Cloud web hosting provider who can facilitate with Fully managed LinuxWindows VPS and Dedicated servers with Proactive Dedicated Server administration, Monitoring, and keeping your backup at safe repositories. Which truly ensures a high level of security, uptime, and great performance. We are offering various server regions you may choose the nearest region as per your requirement.

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